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Intuitive Strategy 


Bite-Sized Sessions

1 Session (30-45 Minutes)
Feeling stuck? Here is a chance to receive intuitive advisory in one aspect of your life.

Assorted Crystals

12 Week Program

12 Sessions (30 - 60 Minutes)

Deep dive and transformational sessions aimed to change the trajectory of your life.

Healing Stones

One Month Program

Monthly retainer of

4 Intuitive Strategy Sessions

(30 - 60 Minutes) aimed to change the trajectory of your life and move towards a balanced, fulfilling lifestyle. 

The problem today is “Every year 703, 000 people take their own life and there are many more people who attempt suicide." - World Health Organization. As a Mental Health Awareness Advocate, Ace Doligosa has partnered with the Teen Suicide Prevention society (To learn more click here). A percentage of proceeds from Ace's Coaching services contributes to the Teen Suicide Prevention Society and their efforts toward adolescent youth. 

As an Intuitive Strategist - I coach Healers, Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs, Influencers & Content Creators by empowering my clients to realize their self-worth and value their own lives with grounded, spiritual insight and entrepreneurial coaching.

**Bonus - Monthly retainer sessions include an Instagram marketing strategy session. 

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